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Wedding Planner Paros - Mimmika Liakou Papoutsaki

I’m saying it… (deep breath)… I hate weddings. Shock. Horror. But yes, it’s true! I detested going to them when I was little, and a cringe at the thought of being a guest at many of them now. And that is why I felt compelled to become a wedding planner. I wanted to help couples shake the ‘musts’ and the ‘have to’s’ and replace them with real and true enjoyment, a celebration of each individual, the couple, their past, present and a warm and happy future together.

So I developed a no frills approach to wedding planning. If you love frills, don’t be disappointed – you can have as many frills as your heart desires in your wedding. Because is your wedding! And simply, that’s what we stand for.

For your special occasion or event, all our services apply, with minor adjustment to suite your needs.

Our services are designed to (painlessly) extract your essence, and infuse your wedding or event with hints or perhaps even shouts of your personalities. No matter how simple or unusual, your vision (along with your budget!) is the soul in what we do for you every step of the way. Whether we’re finding the perfect venue, designing unique and precious decorative details, or putting it all together on the day. And we take care of the ‘not so fun’ things too, with a bounce in our step. We’ll guide you through the paper trails, and escort your documents around like they’re VIPs.  For couples who want their experience to be completely hassle-free, we’ll take care of all your guest’s needs too.

These are just some of the main details we take off your shoulders, with boat loads more to make even multi-day celebrations feel effortless.