Wedding Planner Paros - Mimmika Liakou Papoutsaki

How unromantic, having to deal money matters during this wonderful time!

Unfortunately it is a reality so we try to make it as easy as possible by getting conversations about fees, service agreements and deposits out the way at the very beginning of our time together. This allows us to focus wholeheartedly on you and your wedding or event once the ‘official stuff’ is out the of the way.

I recommend separating your overall budget for your destination wedding or event into 3 broader categories:

  • Travel, Accommodation & Spending Money
  • Wedding or Event Planner’s Fees
  • Wedding or Event Details Budget

How So?

As we provide a comprehensive personal wedding and event consulting, planning, design, styling and coordination service, we  take guidance from you on what you’re comfortable spending on the details of your wedding or event. Our job is to get as close to the wedding or celebration you’re imagining, within the budget that you have. The final cost of your wedding, should be and is dependent on your choices and nothing else. As part of our service, I will help you allocate pockets of budget to various categories, and advise you on your expectations of what that would cover. I may share a thought on where to spend a little more, and where you could possibly save – but the ultimate decision is always yours.

Therefore it makes sense for the wedding or event details budget to be separated from your planner’s fees. Your details budget is flexible within your parameters, whereas your planners fee will be fixed depending on the services you’ve elected.

In terms of calculating fees, my personal opinion is that a wedding & event planner’s fee should have no connection whatsoever to the overall budget. Charging a % of the wedding budget has no sound logic and I feel it’s unethical. Our value is our expertise, talent and experience as with all service professionals – the real factors that will contribute to your peace of mind and a calm, perfectly planned and successful event.

After a complimentary Consultation with you via phone, Skype of Facetime (or via email if you prefer), we’ll consider the services you’d like us to manage, the complexity of your wedding or event and the time and resource  that will be needed for guaranteed success that we’d be proud to put our name to. Based on this, you will receive a detailed tailored quotation for our wedding and event planning services.

How to Book Our Services?

After receiving your personalized wedding or event planning quote, and confirming the services you would like, you will receive a service agreement that details all the areas we’ll be responsible for and what they entail.
Our service is active as soon as the signed service agreement is returned and the deposit is settled, after which:

  • We guide you through a Wedding or Event Planning Kick Off Session
  • You will receive your Personalized Wedding or Event Planning Timeline
  • We work with you to itemize your Budget
  • You receive your online M-Planner Client Login details
  • And so the Phased Wedding or Event Planning process begins…
  • With scheduled Status Meetings via Skype, Facetime or phone at key Milestone points
  • And regular contact via email as needed.

For a personalized quote, please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation, or email us with how you imagine your day to be.