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Wedding Planner Paros - Mimmika Liakou Papoutsaki

“What we really appreciated during the time of the preparation was that we felt that you were with us. It is, first of all, that you don’t sell an all inclusive package but only your service. But it was definitely more than this. In particular, I liked, that you were with us till the very last morning. It was not like, ‘well the party is over, let’s settle the business things.’ This really gave us a good feeling. All good things I write are similarly true for Carolina. So, Mimmika and Carolina, thank you for making our wedding happen.  All the best and feel invited to come to Berlin.”
| Xiaoai & Jan, Paros, 2 May 2014

“…..Million thanks to our wonderful wedding planner and new dear friend who helped make our dreams a reality. Her hard work and efforts made our special day comforting and unforgettable…without you, this dream was not possible. Never ending thanks and blessings from us both……”
| A note share on our personal Facebook page: Eleni & Andrew, Paros, 31 July & 2 August 2013

“With an easy going, nice and very sociable nature, all our challenges were solved by Mimmika!! We wanted a wedding on Paros that was simple, with classic elegance. And CASUAL but gorgeous. We managed this challenging theme with the help of Mimmika – finding the right location was key. The ceremony was beautifully performed by one of her team and everything else just fell into place… ”
| Sara & Magnus, Paros, 29 June 2013

“…You did such a wonderful job writing this script. The words you wrote are touching and powerful.”
| email from Christine Stern, guest of Eleni & Andrew, Paros, 31 July & 2 August 2013

“…And you seem great at what you do, as well as very sweet, helpful, and a pleasure to work with,…”
| From work on a pending marriage proposal – name details therefore need to be kept confidential until after the proposal date :)

“We looked over the info that you sent. We are super impressed with all of the details that you have included. Thank you so much for making those extra trips to Naxos!…”  (while in planning)
| Amanda (Canada), Bride-to-be, Naxos, 15 September 2012

“We cannot thank Mimmika and her amazing staff enough for the job well done for our wedding in June 2012! Mimmika is professional and has wonderful ideas that one can only dream of. She also has the patience of a saint when dealing with bureaucracies and paperwork. She can make things happen even when the ‘Greek way’ seems extremely hard. We had quite a difficult time with paperwork to actually get married, but Mimmika pushed through and made it happen in the nick of time. All our events were extremely well organized and ran smoothly from start to finish. We warmly recommend Mimmika and her services for other couples planning weddings and events in Greece.”
| Kat & Nikos Polyzogopoulos (Brazil/Sweden/Greece/Spain), Paros, 30 June 2012

“Your job is great and honestly i feel relaxed working with you guys…”  (while in planning)
| Zoe, Bride-to-be (Greece), Paros, 30 June 2012

“Christiane and myself would like to thank you for making Danae and Charif’s wedding to be such a big success, everybody liked it and they were so happy from the service they got from you before and during the wedding.We hope to see you in Paros again or in Beirut if you have the chance to drop in one day.Warm regards, Christiane and Costi Papadopoulos”
| Costi (Lebanon), Father of the Bride, Danai & Charif, Paros, 23 June 2012

” …you guys really do a great job! Charif and I are truly amazed :)…” (while in planning)
| Danai (Lebanon/France), Bride-to-be, Paros, 23 June 2012

“After 14 months of a wonderful engagement Mel and I are getting married next Friday. We are so excited and it will be an amazing wedding. Hopefully the weather will be as good as it was in Paros.
The day is still 100% clear in my mind, right down to the tide washing up on us.
Once again, thank you for what you organised that evening – it was truely memorable and I hope one day to get back to Paros to experience it all again.”
|Adam (Australia), proposing to Melissa, 02 August 2011

“We are finally (and unfortunately) back to reality and behind our desks in the office. We once again want to thank you SOOOOO much for all your help and efforts! I honestly can’t remember when last I had so much fun! So here are a few points I want to mention, and if you wouldn’t mind sending on our thanks.
• To You & the Team for dressing the venue up to look amazing!! People are still talking about how nice it looked, and how colorful it all was! We would not have been able to create the same effect – being boys and all 😉
• The Caterer – The food (both for the sundowners and the reception) was out of this world! Everybody raved about it, and I know the majority of people went back for more than one (or even two) helpings… we would recommend him any day!
• The DJ – WOW! He was worth every single penny! The music was great and truly kept everybody on the dance floor until the early hours… without him there would not have been much of a party! We are extremely thankful that he played the Afrikaans music, and all our “requests”. It was much appreciated. The greek music and dancing went down a treat with the guests as well. The sound and lighting was great too – thanks for your suggestions.
• The Hotel – the pre-wedding sundowners evening went down really well with the guests. They did not expect the open bar and the drinks were really good. Thanks so much to him for setting everything up – the lanterns, table and chairs, music, everything… the setting is really special and we all loved it.
• The Photographer – We owe you big time for recommending her and putting us in touch with her. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with her, and had lots of fun the next morning in the water… By the looks of the 3 teaser photos she put up on Facebook we can’t wait to see them all – it looks like it is going to be awesome! She is really lovely!
• The Barmen and Waiters – they were extremely friendly, funny and helpful. Everybody loved them, and everyone we have spoken to has got a really nice story about either a barman or waiter that they told us. So, a big thank you to them! It made the night even more enjoyable.
We started reading through all our postcards (the idea worked really well and we do have a postcard from everybody!!) and got all emotional again. It is just great memories that we will always treasure!
Again thank you for being an amazing friend – for doing us the honour of the reading during the ceremony – and for being a wonderful, wonderful wedding planner. On the day we did not have to worry about anything and we had all the fun in the world as a result. Thanks for that.”
| Bernard & Nick (UK/South Africa), Paros, 2 July 2011

“We chose Mimmika to help make our wedding happen because she was based on the island, but more importantly, from the first skype session, it was clear that she understood and respected exactly the type of wedding we wanted to have.
My husband and I really enjoyed planning our wedding, partly because we knew exactly what we wanted before we spoke with Mimmika, but largely because Mimmika and her team organised everything for us so seamlessly. We had so much fun in our skype sessions and calls with Mimmika in the months leading up to the wedding, working out the large details as well as the small, creative touches which helped to make the wedding personal and different. It is very clear that organising parties, weddings and events isn’t just Mimmika’s job, she lives and breathes it and we very, very lucky to have found her.
Thank you for an amazing wedding – you were a star!”
| Pippa & Noel (UK/Dubai), Paros, 28 May 2011

“I just wanted to add our thanks to those of Noel and Pippa for your tireless support both before and during the wedding celebrations on Paros last weekend. In our enjoyment, we were very grateful to you for your professionalism, your local knowledge, facility with languages and your general air of calm and the constant attendance at the various parties and events which speak of a high level of care and endurance, which we both appreciated and admired.
I witnessed how well you and your team coped with the sudden illness of one of the guests at the wedding reception and, in addition to the actions and support of a caring friendship group, I feel that you could not have handled the situation with more care and professionalism and I was very impressed.”
| Diana, Mother of the Bride, Pippa & Noel ( UK/Dubai), Paros, 28 May 2011

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend on Paros. You and your team did a marvellous job of ensuring that everything was covered before our arrival and once we were there. Bravo and thank you!”
| Helen, Bridesmaid, Pippa & Noel (UK/Dubai), Paros, 28 May 2011

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help for Pippa and Noel’s wedding. Everything was planned brilliantly which led to a really enjoyable weekend. It was hard to leave on Sunday lunchtime as I would have liked to explore a bit more of Paros, but that will be for another trip!
I hope you were able to enjoy some of the weekend as well even though moving us from place to place at times must have been interesting!
I really hope to have the opportunity to come back to Paros on holiday one day. In the meantime, thank you again for everything and I wish you a wonderful summer.”
| Vanessa, Guest of Pippa & Noel (UK/Dubai), Paros, 28 May 2011


Anne Bowley, Thank You, Pippa & Noel, 28 May 2011, Paros Weddings


“View from my room

Paros Bay Hotel.

Thank you so much for organising such a lovely wedding for Pippa & Noel.
I thouroughly enjoyed everything and have come home with wonderful memories
Anne Bowley
P.S. I can’t praise your choice of hotel enough.”
| Anne, Guest of Pippa & Noel (UK/Dubai), Paros, 28 May 2011


“…You transformed the most important day of our life into one of deep splendor and of heart-felt generosity to the people we love. We could not have imagined a more compassionate, professional, and competent person to make this day happen the way it did. You nurtured us while dealing with a massive headache of demands! And you truly “got” us (especially me ; ) and made the day an expression of us despite there being 180 people present! As for the splendor, it is now looking at the photos that I truly see how incredibly lush and beautiful it all was: the bouquet and table settings ceremony. It was a dream, really! My deep gratitude to you and your entire team.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to set up draping at a wedding ceremony. After it almost seemed hopeless, you were there with your headset and binder and a huge roll of masking tape. The tape worked to fix the draping. But I felt bad because I used up all the tape. Yet you did not mind and continued on your way. I guess in sharing this dream I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you as you prepare your own wedding and praying that you have competent help to give you the masking tape when you need it. And that I can imagine you have been drained by helping others prepare their weddings; but because you are you and George is who he is, your wedding will roll out to reflect your beauty and warmth.”
| Maria-Elena & Brett (USA), Paros, 21 May 2011

“Mimmika was very responsive and I had no doubts my questions would be answered and no anxiety related to communicating from such a distance and with a 10 hour time difference. We were so pleasantly surprised at the outpour of support from the local vendors on Paros. ‘Sweet’ is really the word to describe our week on Paros. The day was perfect because it was simple and balanced…”
| Maria & Michael (USA), Paros, 29 May 2010

“The quality and promptness of the communication from Mimmika was fantastic, she allowed us to enjoy the experience of wedding planning. She was incredibly reliable and always on time with every email and phone call that took place. We were generally impressed with the speed of delivery and also the quality. Mimmika got to know us very quickly and understood our specific needs and wants rather than simply telling us what we could do, she allowed us to express ourselves and she did everything she could to make it all happen for us.”
| Zoe & Paul (UK), Paros, 21 May 2010

“Mimmika managed the details for me on my wedding day. It was wonderful to be able to leave the organization in such capable hands. All the arrangements, flowers, hair, makeup & photographer, exceeded my expectations. The people she was able to bring together to help create the perfect day for myself and my new husband were all professional, friendly and very helpful. Thank you Mimmika for a stress free wedding day!”
| Tina & Phil (Australia), Paros, 28 September 2009

“…For me, this day needed to have everything I could think of and anything you could imagine. From “save the date” magnets, to Asian fans for the guests, a live band, fireworks & fire dancers and any party favor you could fathom …. Mimmika made all my wishes came true – it’s something extraordinary, she was there every step of the way, through my stress and my ups and downs, and being a person who micro-manages everything I still felt that I had my say and while guided to make the right decisions.”
| Irene & Harry (South Africa), Mykonos, 5 September 2009