Wedding Planner Paros - Mimmika Liakou Papoutsaki

I am but one individual, but I have a burning desire to make a difference. If you feel the same way, we’re working on a few programs for 2013 that might interest you.

Waste Not, Want Not

A sickening amount of food is thrown away after weddings and events – I’ve seen this with my very own eyes.
Even here on Paros, times are tough for many families. So we’re currently developing a program with a national and local organization, where all clean leftovers will the shared out to the needy and plate leftovers to animal charity organizations. Our hope is to start with weddings we’re supporting on, and quickly involve all venues, caterers and restaurants so that this becomes standard practice for all events on Paros and our surrounding islands.

Carbon-Neutral Weddings and Events

We don’t intend on jumping on the ‘green’ bandwagon. What is ‘green‘ anyway?
But we are working with an expert on sustainability in the building, travel and tourism industry to be able to offer our couples and clients solutions for real carbon-neutral weddings and events that will make an actual different.

If you’re interested in these programs, ask for more info during your next Consultation.