Wedding Planner Paros - Mimmika Liakou Papoutsaki


How wonderful that you’re considering a wedding or a special celebration on Paros or one of the other many remarkable Greek Islands. You’ve taken your first step towards making it happen, and I’m so pleased to be here to help you make your decision.

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Planning a wedding or a special event is tremendously exciting for some, yet equally as overwhelming for others. And when doing so in a location or a country other than the one you live in, things can become a little more adventurous.

I not only believe, but strongly advocate, that a wedding or any special occasion should be thoroughly enjoyed by the couple or hosts.  You should be able to be present and revel in every special moment. Whether you’re already getting your Monica Geller style wedding folder out and Pinterest boards going, or whether you’re daunted by where to even start – feeling free enough to let go and truly enjoy the planning process, then celebrate your day, comes with having peace of mind. So to help you achieve this peace of mind, read about our unique approach to planning your wedding or event in ‘Planning Your Occasion’ .

The relationship between a planner and her clients is a precious one, so we bare all to you from the start. You’ll find uncensored testimonials from our previous couples and clients in ‘What Couples Say’ . And I give you an upfront overview of how we calculate our ‘Fees’ .

Then allow me to share  ‘My Story’ with you, before the focus move solely to you for the rest of our journey together.

We hope you’ll enjoy what you see, and we look forward to hearing from you .